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    Lightroom Performance  LR6 (not CC) - POOR


      I have just put together a new high end system so that my LR and PS performance would be better.  (i7  6 core processor 12 w/ hyperthreading, 3.5Ghz, 64GB DDR4, SSD disks, new nVidia GTX 960 GPU), and the performance is barely any better than my old 2 core .8GHz pre DDR memory system.   Note: Windows 7 (x64), OS setup to be non paged.


      I have a large catalog (245K images (5.6GB), image cache spec'd at 50GB). I have the program, the swap files, the catalog, and cache all on SSDs.  In Photoshop I can specify how much memory to use, but in LR it doesn't use very much of the available memory (about 3GB only, and 3 CEF helper programs each at about 150MB).  It is very difficult to get the system utilization above 20% with LR, and it is slow.  It has always been slow, but it should be way faster on the new system than it is.  The catalog is optimized regularly, and doesn't seem to make any significant difference in the performance.  Given both the low CPU and low memory utilization, it seems that there is an application issue that prevents the system from working harder/faster.  There is enough memory to hold all of the catalog and all of the cache.



      a) Rendering images (first time or from cache)

      b) Catalog searches for images

      c) WEB module (all operations- very slow)

      d) Library folder changes (name and moving)

      e) Update metadata on photos (this is very annoying as updates often end up in the wrong field or photo !)



      1) Is there anyway to force LR to map more of the data into memory? (assuming that have more mapped to memory will improve performance)

      2) What do the CEF helper programs do?

      3) Are there any SQLite parameters that can be tweaked to use more memory? (and presumably improve performance)

      4) Are there any other tweaks that can improve LR performance ?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Turn off the GPU setting in LR. Enable the Pagefile in Windows. Windows does not like not having a Pagefile no matter how much RAM is installed. You can limit the PF to 1GB and place it on some other drive in your system but do not turn off the pagefile.


          I suggest you get a larger SSD for the Boot/OS/System drive. Every program likes to place things on the Boot/OS/System drive usually in the Users\YourUserName folder.


          Also IIRC All Adobe Apps don't really care for CPUs with more than 4 physical cores. I could be wrong about that but I think I read that someplace.

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            PJ_Traveler Level 1

            a) I will turn the paging file back on (I had it on a different SSD anyway) and give that a try

            b) The OS SSD is 800GB (only about 300GB are currently used) so that doesn't seem to be a limit

            c) I will try it with turning off the GPU

            d) Bummer about only 4 cores.  (understand there could be a thread limit issue in the app)


            will update after trying

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              PJ_Traveler Level 1

              WOW ! turning off the GPU made a huge improvement !  Primarily in the Library module, and a slight improvement in the WEB module.  Haven't tried importing yet.

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                PJ_Traveler Level 1

                WOW again ! start up times are greatly improved as well down to a few seconds vs about 30 before with just turning off the GPU.  Memory and CPU utilization are still low, and clearly performance could be fairly dramatically improved if they could use memory rather than IO (even on my M.2 SSDs).    Adobe clearly has work to do on the GPU front.....