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    Update Required but Unable to Install


      I was informed that my Flash Player was outdated and an update was required for any programs to continue using it. I followed the step-by-step instructions on the link provided, allowed everything to go through with my Firefox browser. I tried downloading it in Explorer and Chrome. And each time I got the error message "Unable to Connect." I restarted my computer. I disabled my firewall. I changed all of my extensions/add-on setting in each browser. I tried uninstalling Flash Player and reinstalling, with the same error message as a result. I restarted my computer again. No luck. I updated all my browsers, tried installing again. Nothing.

      I even uninstalled my virus/spyware protection software. Tried it again. Same thing. I unplugged my router. Reset my router. Everything I could think of, I have tried it. It's unfortunate that your company and your program are the only software available to play videos and run certain websites because after all of this headache and still no progress, I'm sure I'd be switching.