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    CC won't update to it keeps freezing at 2% then says trying to connect to server


      Hi, i've been an owner of CC for about a month now, and ever since the latest update,, it keeps freezing at 2% and then gives the warning triangle sign and says trying to connect to server, then gives me the option to his cancel but it only gives me a install now or quit option and neither help me, as it keeps freezing on install and the quit button will close it out and when i go to open it it just restarts the cycle.


      When i hit quit from the settings drop box in the top right corner(the gear) i can goto the main page but the home, apps, and community tabs won't load. does. i've looked into the support page that adobe gives you but i can't seem to find my issue or something that might be an issue. any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm not sure what i am doing and i don't wanna screw up my CC or my computer trying to fix it. thanks in advance