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    Anyone know how to get CC edition to accept my license?


      Seems like the Adobe "Sign in" process is broken.


      I bought a Lightroom license at my local camera store when I bought my new Sony A6000.  It came at a discount.

      I use a modern mac... which means I have no DVD, so I just downloaded Lightroom from Adobe. 

      I registered my software with Adobe.

      No matter how many times I enter the software key for Lightroom, Adobe says "Thanks for registering Lightroom" and then in Lightroom, I don't have access to Develop "your trial has expired"


      Seems like Adobe either doesn't accept their own license keys, or I'm hitting some bug in their sign-in process.


      Contacted support. Haven't heard back.  The online chat ended with "looking into it..." and then they dropped off.


      Anyone else experience this problem?