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    LR2015 Sees outdated preview in SnapSeed edited images


      LR2015 is having some issues, and importing duplicate image copies from the iPhone (even with the "Don't Import Duplicates" checkbox checked). So I am obliged to hand pick the images I want to import from the iPhone to avoid massive duplication issues in my library. A "Delete After Import" option would help a lot with this.


      This causes a second problem: LR2015 does not show the final image version of images that have been edited in Snapseed, it shows an outdated preview from the original shot. Since, of the several images I shoot of a given subject, it is the one I have selected and edited that I want to import to my photo library, the lack of an updated image view makes it impossible to know which images these might be. It would be easy to blame Google for not updating previews in Snapseed, but looking at the images in the Apple Photos Camera Roll shows the correct preview. So, I will be obliged to delete all other images from my iPhone, and blindly import the images I want from the outdated previews, but this is not a very satisfactory workflow in the long run. Any hope of a fix at the Adobe end, so that these images preview appropriately in the Import Window?


      thanks, C. David Tobie

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          CDTobie Level 1

          It turns out the issue is worse than I described above. If I edit an image in Snapseed, I can then publish the image to a website, say Facebook, and it shows as edited. I can email the image to myself, and receive the edited version in the email, then place it in my Lightroom library, and it shows as edited. But if I have LR import the image from my phone, it imports the original, unedited image instead. So it appears to be grabbing an old "preview" file, as the image to import. This constitutes a major data loss bug, and does not offer any reasonable method to import the hundreds of edited images from my iPhone to my Lightroom library. Any suggestions or workarounds for this?


          thanks, C. David Tobie

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I don't know anything at all about Snapseed. But it sounds as if it works a lot like Lightroom in that it doesn't apply its adjustments to the file. You say that you can publish photos and they appear as they were edited. Do you have an option to save the images to a local hard drive? If you do, then perhaps you could import those exported photos which should have your adjustments applied to them.

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              CDTobie Level 1

              Image can be saved back to the photo roll from Snapseed. The latest version has two options, a "Save" which overwrites the original image (you have to give permission to modify the image after the save function) and a "Save As" which creates a new file. I don't believe either version is showing the final edited file in the LR preview. I'll check further.