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    menu in symbol with move script not working


      Hi there


      I made a menu with on all the buttons "a move to DIV script"   so i can make a one-pager.

      So the code on the button is like this.


      var element = sym.$("zoektanchor");

      // No Animation




      // With Animation

      $('html,body').animate({scrollTop: element.offset().top}, { duration: 'slow', easing: 'easeOutQuad'});



      This works fine.

      But now i want to convert the menu a symbol so i can make the symbol sticky.

      Re: How can I fix a symbol, as a menu, in edge, fixed even the scroll?


      But when i convert the menu to a symbol the scripts on the buttons do not move to the DIV anymore.

      Probably i make a mistake on the "move to DIV" script.

      Any suggestions?