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    Terrible support from Adobe for a refund request


      I purchased Lightroom 6 standalone on June 16, and decided to return the product.  I initiated the request on June 16.  I used the chat with agent option, and several agents have not been able to help me.  They do not seem to be from the US, and these agents have not given me a straight answer as to why my refund has not been issued.


      My case numbers:







      My RMA number:



      What I'm frustrated by:

      - I made a simple request and am not getting any response from Adobe.  Why do I have so many case numbers for such a simple request?

      - Customer support staff has been outsourced, and staff have not been helpful

      - There is no telephone support option


      If anyone has a suggestion for how I can reach Adobe and get this refund processed, please let me know.  Thank you in advance.


      info: You are now chatting with __.

      __: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      __: We have not heard from you for some time.  Do you wish to continue to chat?

      __: Are we still connected ?

      __: Are we still connected ?

      __: yes

      __: Ok! great.

      __: i am wondering if you can look into the status of RMA # 0066514527

      __: ? i have not received my refund

      __: Ok! Allow me sometime so that I can pull up your account.

      __: It is taking time so please just stay connected.

      __: ok, thanks

      __: I apologize for the inconvenience . I have escalated your case to our seniors and with in 24-48 hours Adobe will contact you regarding your case.

      __: reference case number is :0215842219

      __: can you send me an email confirmation?

      __: Yes!

      __: I can .Allow me couple of minutes.

      __: thank you

      __: what seems to be the problem?

      __ Most of the time the refund is credited in the customer's account with in 5-7 Business working days but due to some error it takes more time.

      __: I have send you a email in your email id .

      __: Is there anything else I can help you with?

      __: no, thank you very much

      __: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

      __: i haven't received the email btw

      __: Ok! I will send it again.

      __: it

      __: Check it again.

      __: no still didn't get it

      __: I have send it twice so you will receive it.

      __: ok thanks

      __: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

      __: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.

      __: hi

      __: i feel like my refund request is stuck - i spoke to technical support earlier and was told someone would get back to me, but no one has

      __: RMA # 0066514527

      __: and my reference case number from earlier today is :0215842219

      __: i have a copy of my chat from earlier if you want it

      __: Please allow me quick moment to check the account .

      __: that technical support person also told me that i would be getting an email regarding my return, but i haven't

      __: I have checked and see there was system issue to process the refund (it is fixed not and you will get the refund in 24-48 hours )

      __: Anything else apart from this that I can help you ?

      __: that was not explained to me earlier

      __: so, you are saying that i will receive the refund by wed july 1?

      __: Sorry but the refund is already processed (i would request you to wait for some time )

      __: 24-48 hours .

      __: thank you, i will check my bank on wed, and expect to have the refund

      __: i appreciate your help

      __: Sure ,Thank you for contacting Adobe. Good Bye!

      __: but am frustrated that the refund process is not happening


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