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    How do I see what additional content is currently downloading? Adobe Premiere Elements 13


      I went into expert mode
      Clicked on themes and titles, right clicked on one of them and got asked:

      1. Download now

      2. Download all


      I downloaded all of them and got a status bar of 550mb and counting...


      I clicked "Download in Background"


      But now I can't find it anymore?
      I don't how to see what is downloading?
      Where it is up to?
      I have searched everywhere !!


      I do know this...

      - Trying to exit the program, shows the message "Are you sure? you have content downloading?"

      - Trying to download another... shows the message "Content downloading.. pease wait for it to finish"

      - Going into the 'History' window shows the last one downloaded

      - Clicking into the area where I downloaded my content from shows which have been downloaded and which haven't



      But I can't find a 'Downloads' screen, something that shows me where I am up to and how much MB or GB/time I have remaining till finished?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Until proven otherwise, once you have gone to Download in Background option, I do not believe there is a way for the user to call back the original "Online Content Download" dialog showing download progress in MB or GB terms of how much more to go before completion of the category involved. If you are in the Download in Background mode, all you get in terms of a progress report is download in progress. You know all that.


          The only way I am seeing to gauge the content download progress for a given category is to open the Tab for the category and see which thumbnails still have the blue band at their top right hand corner.


          I am not seeing what can to be gained by instead going to the downloaded.txt and manifest.txt files


          Local Disk C

          Program Data


          Premiere Elements



          one of the categories until you get to a manifest.txt and downloaded.txt file and open it.