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    Preview not available for this file with LR6 and iPhone 6 (plus The following images were not imported because they could not be read)

    Benzin Level 1

      I am trying to import pictures from iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3 to Lightroom 6.1 and I keep constantly getting this first "Preview not available for this file" error message on random images randomly on regular basis. I have followed many suggested fixes but with no help.


      I have

      - repaired permissions

      - purged caches

      - increased cache limits from 1 to 3 GB

      - restarted LR

      - restarted iPhone

      - cancelled import and started again (works sometimes)


      And now once again even more randomly after finally getting the previews to show (by restart/replug/reimport etc.) after importing got "The following images were not imported because they could not be read (15)". In that list there is one .MOV, couple of JPGs and couple of PNGs so just the basic stuff you have in your Camera Roll with iPhone. Now I did more research on those files: the PNGs are screen captures from iPhone (Flightradar flight paths), JPGs are the ones I saved from Facebook app (friends' pics from the same trip) and .MOV is just a video shot 60 FPS. (If I recall correctly I have had problem earlier even with regular iPhone shot JPGs too.)


      OS X Image Capture can import these pics just fine and previews are also just fine. I can then re-import the pics from that OS X folder to LR so there is a workaroud for now but surely not the way things should be going.


      Now I tried importing the pics and the video straight from the iPhone to LR and guess what - no problems! This is driving me nuts.


      I had high hopes when I decided to start switching from Aperture to LR when Adobe made a statement they would be the ones to turn to now that future Aperture support is down. The ride has not been that smooth so far. I have decided I will like LR more than Aperture, please help me reach that goal.