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    Ebook from Google Play unable to be opened in Adobe Digital Editions


      Hi Everyone,

      I recently bought an ebook from Google Play but I am unable to read it in Digital Editions.  I have an iMac with the latest OS if that helps.   My Network connection is fine without any problems.  I have several other ebooks that I have bought from other sites and I can read those ebooks on the Digital Editions without any trouble.  This is the first ebook that I have bought from Google Play and it doesn't work.  When I double click on the .acsm file on my desktop the following error message appears in Digital Editions:


      7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher:

      IO Error on Network Request.

      Please check your network connection and try again.


      Network Path:

      https://books.google.com.au/books/download/_.epub?acsid=urn:uuid:863fe8d6-f14a-097e-6e64-4 2f17bc3f0d9&output=acs4_book_bytes


      Event Detail:

      Error #2038

      --- end ---


      Thank you for your help in advance,