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    sound vs. mixer

    brucealanevans Level 1

      Sorry for the basic nature of this.

      Created a complicated project years ago, which I'm planning on updating now with Director 12.

      Just noodling around again with basics, but . . .

      Having a problem with my cast sounds, meant for background music playing at the main interactive content screen.

      The sounds are SWA songs, more than a minute long.

      If I place a song in one of the sound channels, set to loop, and with the score continuously looping, it doesn't play.

      If I put the song into a mixer (new concept for me) I can place it in a channel but not in a sound channel. But it will play during the movie.

      Any thoughts on what I am clearly missing when the song won't play when placed directly in one of the two sound channels?


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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Are you having trouble playing these sounds in the authoring environment, or when you run a projector?

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            brucealanevans Level 1

            Authoring environment.

            I accidentally discovered, when I switched to using a USB headset/mike that the sound objects placed in the sound channel were playing. When that USB device was unplugged, the soundcard/speaker would not play that sound, although it would play sound from a mixer containing the same sound when placed in a timeline channed (not placeable in a sound channel)!

            I looked at the device configuration of my sound card, and switched from 5.1 to stereo sound, and suddenly the sound objects in the sound channels began playing.

            I have no explanation for this behavior, but I'm able to go ahead at this point.

            Thanks for your interest.