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    McAfee woes?


      I posted this in another thread but I'm riled up.


      The McAfee nonsense has always bugged me but this latest update suggests you have reached new heights of incompetence. I've been trying to update for the past few days to version or whatever it is but kept getting a connection error within the installer. After wondering why the hell we need an installer in the first place, a thought occurred to me: I wonder what happens if I opt in for the McAfee ****ware. I check the box, run the installer and lo and behold, the download begins and flash installs.... along with McAfee of course.


      Anyone else encountered this? Why would the installer fail without the McAfee box checked? Tell me your tales of Adobe woe.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi benh76973286,

          The installer should not fail without the McAfee box checked.  I'd like to get some your system information and log files from you to forward to the team that handles the online installer.

          • OS including version and Service Pack if applicable
          • Browser, including version
          • The name of the installer files you are using (with and without McAfee being checked)
          • Two log files, Adobe_ADM.log and Adobe_GDE.log, generated by the online installer.  The files are located at the following location:
            • Vista and above: C:\Users\YourUserID\AppData\Local\Temp\Adobe_ADMLogs
            • XP: C:\Documents and Settings\labuser\Local Settings\Temp\Adobe_ADMLogs
          • The online installer overwrites the log files, so you would need to run it once w/out selecting McAfee, save the files, then run it again with selecting McAfee and save the file.
          • Upload the log files using the instructions here The specified item was not found.
          • Post the link to the files in your reply.
          • I'll escalate this issue to the team that handles this for investigation.


          Thank you in advance.




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            Deepwater3d Level 1

            Why not just try stopping sneaking software onto our computers Maria?