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    Background image looking fuzzy and slightly out of focus.




      I am having a problem and can't seem to find the answer for it.


      I have created documents with background images in InDesign. These are regular forms that have been scanned in Photoshop at 300 dpi and saved as TIFF grayscale images. The images were placed on a separate layer in an InDesign document and a second layer was created on top of it to contain text to be added to these forms. Every page contains only one layer with an image and a second layer above it containing nothing but text.


      The problem: I print it and the image layer looks fuzzy and out of focus. The text on the image layer seems to have a ghost image around it, almost like a halo. Considering these images are TIFF and scanned at 300 dpi I was expecting them to look sharp.


      What am I doing wrong ?


      Thank you in advance.