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    catalog not showing in import dialog




      I was working happily in LR5 this morning importing (moving) photos from unsorted folders on an external drive into a catalog on that same drive (I'm doing a job for someone who's iPhoto library crashed and she wants her 100K loose photos organized into a LR catalog--huge, crazy job!) I've been doing this without a problem for weeks. Her photos loosely divided into folders, so I am tackling importing one folder at a time.


      Suddenly, when I open the import dialog, LR is not longer seeing my catalog--there is a folder with my catalog name, but no actual catalog showing. When I highlight the folder it says No Photos Found.

      In the Library module everything shows perfectly, it's only the Import dialog that doesn't see it. In my finder window, I can see the catalog, which has a size of 336.1 MB. I'm also seeing Temporary Import Data.db files.

      Any ideas? This is time critical!