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    Lightroom "edit in... Photoshop CC" not coverting images to .tiff, but opening up the .dng in Photoshop instead. How do I fix this?

    tristanh72 Level 1

      This worked 5 minutes ago, and then without changing a setting, it stopped working.


      Make adjustments in the latest Lightroom. Goto Photo/Edit in Photoshop CC 2015. Up until 5 minutes or so ago, it would create a .tiff file that would open up in Photoshop CC 2015.


      Now it's just opening up the .dng, Looking at the Lightroom settings, it's set for .tiff. The only other option is .psd. Switching to that still opens up the DNG in Photoshop. Anyone have an idea what is causing this?


      I opened up one photo, it worked as it should. The next photo, .dng. Even the photo that previously opened as a .tiff now opens as a .dng.


      Not certain if this is a Lightroom issue or a Photoshop issue.