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    Displaying photos from catalogs in Lightroom - post upgrade


      I've just run the update to Lightroom CC 2015 - all my folders are displayed in the navigation panel including the number of photos in each however when i try to open the folder the message displayed in the central panel is "No Photo Selected". I've checked and the photos exist in the catalogs I've created and when I've placed the cursor over the folder name in the Navigation panel it displays the correct file location - what steps do i need to take to connect new version of Lightroom and my catalogs? I'm using a PC

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional


          "No Photo Selected". will appear if you go to the Develop module (or open LR in that state) and an image has not been selected in the Library Grid.

          When you start LR- press [G]  to show the Grid view. Do you see image thumbnails now?



          "No Photos in Selected Folder"  may appear if you have selected a 'Parent' folder that does not contain images.

          To see photos that may exist in SUB-FOLDERS (under the 'Parent' selected folder) you need to have the option checked "on" in the MENU > LIBRARY > Show Photos in Sub-Folders


          A Screen-clip of your LR window may assist getting an answer from others reading your post.