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    Transfer notes from android apps


      I often use the Bluefire reader (recommended by Adobe) to read and make notes on my digital editions on my Android, but I can't seem to synchronize notes in any way.  Does Adobe have an app for Android (Kitkat) in which I can make notes and synchronize annotations to the Adobe Digital editions on my Windows 8 laptop?  Viewing is insufficient for professional and textbooks!

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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Currently its not available.

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            lrgphd Level 1

            Has anyone ever heard of Montano ebook reader? It claims to have that capability.

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              lrgphd Level 1

              Then it's time that Adobe make it available.  I appreciate your responding on a weekend, I really do.  But I've been a loyal and licensed user of adobe products for years.  It's just hard for me to imagine that Adobe could not make cross platform synchronization available if they wanted to.  Kindle does it pretty seemlessly, and the current reality is that people are reading ebooks on a variety of devices.  Most of the textbook authors and prospective authors I know - me included - appreciate that Adobe has made a protected digital platform available but can't appreciate how difficult it is to use.  Hard to believe that you can't make this work with SOME android app, or release an ADE version for android that has the capability.  I'd pay for it even if other apps are free.