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    How do you change permissions in a directory?

    kaneohebud1 Level 1

      I was trying to solve a problem that LR CC isn't recognizing my external hard drive nor allowing me to import photos from that location. I was told to change permissions in the directory to allow Write.


      What/where is a directory?


      How do I access it to change permissions?.

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          SausalitoDog Level 2

          Go to Finder and the names showing are your directories. The one with the "house' icon is the home directory. Your photo files are probably in Pictures.


          Right click on Pictures (the blue icons means folder within the directory),  then click on Get Info. When the dialog box comes up, click on the little LOCK icon in the bottom right, enter your password, and then click on the privilege selector to change it to Read and Write. Then click on the little Gear icon at the bottom and click APPLY TO ENCLOSED ITEMS.


          This will make everything in the Pictures folder editable by everyone and you should be set.





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            Keith_Reeder Level 4

            Tom has explained, but please understand that this is an operating system question, not a Lightroom question.