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    Can't de-authorize with correct Adobe ID and password.

    David Braddam

      I do know my Adobe ID and password, as I use them often with Creative Cloud and can sign in to Adobe sites.. 


      Even with current and correct info, ADE refuses to deactivate my computer saying "Please try again after some time."


      What kind of instruction is that? How much time?  Why?  Am I in timeout for trying to use the software?


      Here are the details.  My wife wanted to use Overdrive to check out books from our local library.  She got the book and wanted to transfer it to her Nook Glowlight.  ADE had been installed, used once and ignored about 2.5 years ago.  ADE 1.7.2 - hadn't been updated since, and didn't recognize her Nook Glowlight; she didn't realize that ADE had been activated to a different (my account).  Wanted to update and activate to her own account.  Deleted and updated ADE to 4.0, but it's still attached to the my account. 

      Can't deactivate....


      NO support from chat.  No uninstall instructions anywhere.


      The most on topic response I've found in these forums had an employee response, but real posted instructions....jeez.


      I just want to reset the stupid software so I can use it...does it have to be this difficult?  I understand the limitations of DRM requirements, but why can't ADE allow me to deactivate or activate with more ease.  Why isn't there an old version uninstaller like there is for Creative Cloud?


      So, I need to know how to de-authorize and reset ADE.