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    FileReference.browse doesn't work

      Hello every one,
      I install the central extension for the flash but the it seems like filreference class is not working. I am using the following code. I want to open the browse window when I click on the uploadBtn button. Can any one explain why is it doing this? it shows filereference.browse is undefine.

      var fileRef = new FileReference();
      uploadBtn.onPress = uploadImage;
      function uploadImage(event:Object):Void {
      var fileRef = new FileReference();
      if (fileRef.browse(["Images", "*.jpg;*.gif;*.png", "Flash Movies", "*.swf"])) {
      trace("Opened " + fileRef.name);
      } else {
      trace(fileRef.browse(["Images", "*.jpg;*.gif;*.png"]));
      trace("User cancelled");
      statusArea.text = "I am in";