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    Suitable laptop for using Premiere

    michalk1155 Level 1

      Hey everyone, im looking for buying a laptop on which i would edit in premier (and may start working with after effects as well). after looking at the system requirements i am still left out with one last qustion- the graphic card.

      after checking some varieties off laptops i found this- asus x554lj-xx437h- answering the requirements for the program.

      the only thing is that i am not sure about: NVIDIA GeForce 920M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM.



      if someone here could help me see if this computer is good enough for premiere ill be glad. and if you know about any other good laptops ill be happy to hear it, or can even advise me on a one that you use. my budjet is up to 850-900$ if possible.


      Thank you

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          gavner25 Level 1

          What is the spec of the laptop. You should have at least 16gb or ram (more is better) as least I5 quad core / SSD HD with a 2gb graphics card if possible. I use a 1gb Nvidia and it works fine as i have 32gb ram I5 Quad Core with SSD HD

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            michalk1155 Level 1

            intel core i7-5500U

            8GB (2x4096MB) DDR3L 1600MHz

            1TB (SATA) 7200rpm

            i dont understand much about computers. therefor i dont know what i can compromise on, and what is really important to have in the computer

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              I think there are two key components that make for a good editing experience:


              1. Start with a minimum of five internal hard drives, arranged as follows.


              C: Windows & Programs

              D: Projects, stills and audio files

              E: Cache & Scratch

              F: Media

              G: Exports


              2. Use at minimum a 1920 x 1080 monitor, 24" diagonal.


              As it's simply not possible to get a laptop with those specs, I would argue there are no laptops suitable for editing, not in the sense that a laptop won't work, but in the sense that using one will be much less pleasant that a properly configured desktop.

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                michalk1155 Level 1

                i see. so i am wandering what qualitiesof the laptop i can compromise on so ill be able to edit things as comoftable as i can- when i know i have a desktop to work on when i get home.

                i found the Asus computer, and just wandering if it is good enough to run Premiere. or if i could even find something a bit cheaper, it will be even better (because the laptop wont be the main editing source).

                the Asus laptop is:x554lj-xx437h.

                thank you

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                  gavner25 Level 1

                  If possible use an external monitor so you have 2 screens to work on.

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                    I use the cheapest Lenovo Y50, Works perfect with 1080p stuff, and 60fps too (with the codecs that pr supports)


                    i5 4210H 3.5Ghz (You can also pick up a version with i7)

                    8GB ram (upgradable to 16)

                    A 1TB SSHD, 8gb SSD cache

                    nVidia GTX 960m 2GB (avaliable also in 4GB, and the same goes for the GTX860 versions. 2 or 4gb versions)

                    15.6inch 1080p screen. (also avaliable in 4K, 4K touch, 1080p Touch)

                    If you pick this beast with 960m, it will have no overheating issues. It didnt even heat up that much. It was Warm.

                    get the 1080p one, cuz the 960 2gb (i dont know about the 4gb To be honest (TBH)) cant handle 4K games at High and video editing. Maybe 2K.

                    I make some good AMVs on it too, since its easier for me to do it on Pr rather than Ae.

                    - Jake

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                      Jaggent Level 1

                      also, i wanted this laptop (improved one, with GTX940m 2gb), it's crap TBH. The processor is not for this man.

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                        michalk1155 Level 1

                        so which laptop would you recommend?

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                          Jaggent Level 1

                          If you're one a budget, go with my spec version of the lenovo y50. If you can spend more, get the maxed out i7 gtx960m 4gb varam, 16gb ram and a 1080p display with SSD or HDD or SSHD. That's your choice.

                          - Jake

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                            JFPhoton Level 3

                            ....I am successfully using an Asus gaming laptop from last year, which I bought "refurbished" to save almost 50% off retail, and it works great.....the G750JW.  It has the 4700 HQ i7 CPU and the Nvidia 765m 2GB GPU.  I paid $850 and it arrived from New Egg like new, with the plastic still on it !.  This year's models are even MORE powerful and have better GPUs...try and find one that you can buy cheap and that you can upgrade the memory and storage drives yourself. However, some new Asus gaming laptops are coming with the Samsung PCI SSD...the SM951, which runs at tremendous speed, ~ 1400 MB/sec. read and write, allowing EVERYTHING to run fine on just one drive,or, even BETTER if there is an SSD boot drive for OS,programs, and page file ONLY....THEN all else on the SM951 !!


                            Look for an Asus gaming laptop with that 4700HQ i& as a MINIMUM.....FORGET i5s, or i3s...they suck.   16GB system memory is barely enough these days...pick a machine that you can ADD more memory to, having 32 GB is nice. Also, the newer laptops offer some Nvidia GPUs that have 4GB of video memory......that would help performance with 4K over having just 2GB.


                            You CAN edit on a newer laptop, but, it must always be plugged in.....mine will even do limited 4K.  However, for REAL editing using 4K with multiple video tracks and effects, only a Haswell E desktop system will do....and that's anywhere from $3,000 to $ 10,000, depending on how nuts you go !

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                              Jaggent Level 1

                              Yeah. It depends on how much nuts you need. The best laptop anyways is the MSI Titan. I7 5950HQ or a 5700HQ, up to 32gb ram, nvidia GeForce GTX 980M SLI, 7200rpm HDD, up to 1024gb super raid 3, first laptop with a mechanical keyboard. 1080P screen. It's up to you. And compare the crappy 765m for now, vs the 960 or 980. Btw I'm not a fanboy. Just saying. And i5 IS ENOUGH, NO MOTHER WHAT. I am a youtuber, I make money there. It gets it all done. Fast. Again I have the lenovo y50 i5 model

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                                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                One problem with the asus x554lj-xx437h is the monitor is only 1366x768 resolution, below Adobe minimum specs.