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    YepNope Preloading



      Could anyone give me a quick explanation of using yepnope to load images ?

      I need to preload a large number of images that are only referred to through script and it seems like yepnope is the way to go with this. However I'm not clear if using yepnope means the listed images will get added to the preloader or if they just load in the background after the preloader.

      I've added a script to the Preloader in the code panel (which defaults to the name 'loading') and added my yepnope there as I'm assuming this will happen during the preloading section. Does this make any difference or should I just keep the yepnope calls in the creationComplete script? I'm not a programmer so I'm trying to piece this together.


      Any advice appreciated.


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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could use this in creationComplete:













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            k_southern Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.

            I have that code added in creationComplete but do you know if this will actually load the images during the preloader animation screen or does it just load them in the background when the main animation starts. I can't find a way to reliably test this.Thanks.