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    Lightroom 6 upgrade


      why would I upgrade to Lightroom 6 when no new features are imported in to the stand alone (De-haze) maybe some can't afford to pay 10$ a month for Lightroom CC to enjoy the the new stuff that can't be ported over to Lightrom 6 with few lines of code, very disappointed Adobe but why care about one costumer ? when you have millions so I guess I'll stay with Lightroom 5.7 rather than upgrade

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          dj_paige Level 10

          why would I upgrade to Lightroom 6 when no new features are imported in to the stand alone

          But there are plenty of new features in Lightroom 6 compared to Lightroom 5


          • HDR
          • Panorama
          • Brush applied to gradients
          • Facial recognition
          • GPU acceleration


          and a whole lot more.

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            dvway Level 1

            thanks for reply dj_  only Brush applied to gradients would be new to me which would be nice but already have Luminance HDR & Microsoft Ice Image Composite Editor & Picasa for Facial recognition, GPU acceleration, pc is pretty fast with 5.7 & 16gb of ram

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There really isn't much of a debate here. If you are happy with Lightroom 5.7.1 then stay with it. There are many happy users who are still using Lightroom 3. So it's all a matter of personal choice.

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                dvway Level 1

                but why limit Lightroom 6 too the base version when Lightroom 5 went to 5.7 with a few new features other than bug fixes, would upgrade if Lightroom 6 got the same upgrades as Lightroom CC besides the bug fixes, Adobe said in the past it would keep the stand alone version so why limit it  ?

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The dot versions of Lightroom 5 received bug fixes and support for new cameras. New features have always been held back until the next major release. Lightroom 6 will receive bug fixes and support for new cameras. But, just as in the past, it will be necessary to wait for the next major release for you to receive new features. Nothing has changed in the standalone version. Those who choose to subscribe to the creative cloud have the advantage of getting new features more quickly. When you purchase the standalone version you purchase the feature set available for that version. If Adobe continually provided new features to that standalone version, what would be the point of issuing a new upgrade?

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                    dvway Level 1

                    in Lightroom 5.2 a new feature were added

                    New Features in Lightroom 5.2

                    • A Smoothness adjustment slider has been added to the Detail Panel under Color Noise Reduction. This helps to reduce low-frequency color mottling artifacts
                    • Refinements to the Spot Healing Tool:
                      • New Feather control
                      • Auto find source method now works better for images with textured areas like rocks, bark, and foliage
                      • Auto find source method now prefers source areas within the crop rectangle
                    • Auto Exposure has been improved to be more consistent across images and across different image sizes.
                    • Smart Preview size has been updated to 2560 pixels on the long edge.
                    • Refinements to the Local Adjustment Brush:
                      • Right Click (PC) / Control-click (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to bring up a context menu to duplicate or delete
                      • Control+Alt+Drag (PC) / Command+Option+Drag (Mac) on a brush adjustment pin to clone (duplicate) that adjustment
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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Almost all of those features were improvements to existing features. Look, you can argue your point all day long if you want to. It isn't going to change the way things are. If you purchase Lightroom 6, then you get the features that are available in Lightroom 6. If you want more features then you will have to wait until more features are available when Lightroom 7 is released. It's really that simple. If you really can't afford $10/month to have the latest Lightroom and Photoshop then you can save a little bit by waiting until the next major release of Lightroom. Or is this really an argument about "renting" software? You want to "own" your software. You "own" a license to use a certain version of a software. You purchased that license based on the feature set that was available. That license gives you access to software that will eventually become obsolete. Adobe "owns" the Lightroom software. Business 101 teaches that in order to be profitable a company must continually generate new customers by creating a new product that customers will pay for. If Lightroom 6 received all of the feature upgrades that Lightroom CC will receive, then there would be no income to sustain further development of Lightroom. I believe it's pretty unrealistic for Lightroom 6 users to expect to have all the features that are available to Lightroom CC users. In effect that would make LR 6 users freeloaders who are expecting the CC users to pay for their upgrades.

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                        Mark Miraglia Level 1

                        Jim, all due respect but your response is incomplete.


                        Let's be honest - the reason Adobe is "limiting" standalone releases is because it wants everyone to transition to cloud.  Adobe is pushing users to a more expensive use license  model, use based licensing is "only effective for consumers if they pay for actual consumption not a flat rate. It costs but saves Adobe deployment/scale costs.  It is a win for Adobe and a Lose for the non-professional Consumer.

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                          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

                          Since version 5.3, all new features have been limited the CC version of Lightroom. 5.4 was the only 5.x release after 5.2 that received a new feature. That new feature was Lightroom mobile and was only for CC customers.  On release date, it was very clearly announced that there would be no on-going feature additions in Lightroom 6. See the last paragraph here: The CC Photography Plan Keeps Getting Better: All New Lightroom CC and More Available Today! | Photoshop Blog by Adobe  Additionally, the Kelby Group in their multiple Launch broadcasts beat this point emphatically.