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    spilling text onto subsequent pages


      Hi all,


      I use inDesign CS4 every once in a while to create a document of magazine articles of interest. I'm not an expert at inDesign by any means. What I'd like to do seems fairly simple but am having trouble with the solution. I want to create a document, then copy/paste all the text

      from my article ( let's just say 1000 words ) into the initial page, then have inDesign automatically create subsequent pages to hold all the copy. What's happening is, I copy/paste the entire article into the first page and it remains on the first page and 'oversets'. I am clicking the 'Master Text Frame' when I create the document, and even when I manually create, let's say four pages, all the copy still remains on the first page and 'oversets' and doesn't spill onto subsequent pages. Also, is there a way to set the preferences so that when I create a 'new document' that it will automatically have the text box on the 8.5" x 11" page instead of having to create the text box by clicking and dragging?


      Thanks for any input.