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    Robohelp 11 Search Results Differ When Projects Merged




      Please bear with me as I'm a new user to Robohelp, I've looked around and have been unable to find an existing discussion relating to the issue I'm seeing.


      I have a project (lets call it Project A) in 2 forms.


      (1) Firstly as a standalone project (Project A).


           In this format the search functionality appears to work correctly, apart from dropping the 'e' on a single word search ending in 'e' (I've found a small amount of information on this but no solution).


      (2) The second form is that of a merged project (Project B). Its configured in the form:


           Project B TOC:




                     Project A (Merged)

           In this second format if I search for a term with a trailing 'e' the number of results is less.


      I've managed to work out the difference between the 2 searches.




      Search word: 'Merge'


      (1) 8 Results

      (2) 5 Results


      The 5 results which return in both are where the substring 'Merg' (missing the 'e') exists as part of a word in those topics, the 3 lost results are those which have 'Merge' as a standalone word.


      Scenario 2 seems to be searching for 'Merg%' and excluding 'Merge'


      If anyone can suggest a solution, or if you need any further explanation please let me know.