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    Problems with indesign find and replace


      Hi there!

      I'm working with Indesign on a book with multiple chapters ( I created a book and linked multiple indesign files )

      and I need to perform a find and replace through every chapter at the same time.

      However, I'm experiencing some problems.

      When I perform the replace action on a single character on the active document, it all goes as intendend, while on the other documents of the book it doesn't work.

      The find and replace sometimes turn the text invisible ( I have to select it and give it a color to show up ).

      To make an example of another error:

      I searched for ^p- to change it with ^p^{ so I managed to change the - in the active document with "

      In the other documents the - becomes a (



      I already reinstalled Indesign and deleted the preferences multiple times.

      I'm using Windows 8.1 but we have the same problems on a mac with Yosemite.



      Thanks for the help