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    Creating a New Case

    mrsilat Level 1

      Hey BC Developers.


      I was hoping someone can help shine a light on how to create a NEW case in BC's API (any version).  I know there is the "Case_Assign" SOAP call, but that requires a existing Case ID.  Since I want a NEW case and NOT a old case this seems to be the wrong method.  But lets assume its the only way to do it.  Where do I get a "Case ID" to assign if does not yet exist?  Do I leave the method blank or is there a dumby number to insert like 99999999?  If I have to find the last number used and increment, then do I use CaseList_EntityRetrieve? (which seems a bit dangerous as a this screams duplicate values since there is no locking mechanism).


      Or is just easier to submit a Custom Form and search for it to get the Case ID?


      Any help or direction on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



      Jason Miller