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    Digital Signature Issues After Digital Signatures Update in XI Std.

    LeGoat Level 1

      Previously, I had been using an image to sign documents, which made the signature transparent and easy to modify.  Someone sent a document which required a digital signatures update.  Now my signature options are all messed up.  When I insert, it now requires a digital signature, which I don't want.  I finally found how to use an image, but it's not transparent.  I went through a myriad of tutorials online, but the signature looks sloppy and is not easily modified.  I cannot find a way to undo any of this and it's driving me mad.  I don't care about making a digital signature for myself.  I just want to insert a simple image of my signature that is transparent so it doesn't look some botched job in MS Paint.  It worked like a charm before, but now it's completely terrible and makes me want to scream.


      Every PDF I've opened since that update has forced signing a document to do it this way.