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    Problem with subtitling

    ghijohansson Level 1

      I use PE 12 together with Windows 8.1.


      One person told me to deliver my movie with optional subtitles for hearing impaired persons. I was told to choose between PAC, 890 respectively SMI. After that another person told me that Subtitle Workshop is freeware which can create subtitles which follow these technical standards. And yes, I have been able to create both .890 och .smi files.


      But there is one problem. I also want to import the subtitles into PE 12 so I can create a version of my movie with the subtitles included. That would be suitable for community television. So I discovered that PE 12 uses .prtl files. Which the freeware can't export. In practice I guess it would also work with .psd files but the freeware can't export that either.


      So what is the best solution?


      I have to add more than 100 kilobytes with subtitles so it would probably take more than 100 hours of extra work to write the same text a second time.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I see no way that Premiere Elements alone is to be involved in what you want to do unless you create prtl text titles for it. Alternately you could export your Premiere Elements Timeline to file supported by a 3rd party video editor closed captioning creator.


          Premiere Pro does support closed captioning.

          Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Working with captions

          But, from what you wrote, none of the closed caption text that you have would be supported by Premiere Pro. Is that correct?


          I started to read about the Subtitle Workshop and noted that it does allow you to preview video as you are creating the closed caption text. Is there any way for Subtitle Workshop to export video plus closed caption rather than just closed caption file?


          To where do you want to deliver your video audio with closed caption....YouTube or somewhere else?

          Add subtitles and closed captions - YouTube Help



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            ghijohansson Level 1

            Ok, I see, problem unsolvable.

            Well, I had hoped that it would be possible to import the subtitles into some freeware video editor, or doing something else. But it appears that this time I have bad luck.

            Presumably you are correct that Premiere Pro can't import any of the alternatives that Subtitle Workshop can export but since I don't use Premiere Pro, I am unable to check.

            As far as I can see, Subtitle Workshop can't add the subtitles to the movie. It can only create subtitles.

            The distributor? A VOD service in the country where I live. If it had been Youtube I would

            simply had added the subtitles in PE.