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    How to insert the .pdf-filename instead of the .indd-filename into a print-pdf

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      instead of my .indd-filename, I’d like to output my .pdf-file-name in my pdfs.


      So, it’d be easier to differentiate between succeeding versions, e. g.: …36.1.1.pdf, …36.1.2.pdf, …etc.


      Assuming my .indd filename ends with …36.1.indd, I’d output my

      - first .pdf as …36.1.1.pdf

      - 2nd .pdf as …36.1.2.pdf


      So it’s clear which motherfile it was generated from.


      On Finder-level, it’s no problem to name the file, but I’d also like to have this .pdf-filename displayed in the pdf itself, next to the register marks, once opened on screen.


      I can’t figure out how to do this.


      Any hints would be much appreciated.