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    How do I run .jsx?


      In Indesign I have a scripts folder, is there something similar in Dreamweaver. Thanks, Robert

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          Rob_ge Level 1

          Forgot to mention I'm using CS4.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In DW, you define which folders you need for your site.   If a Scripts folder will help you to better organize your site files, you may create one and use it.


            In the Files Panel (F8), right click on Local Site folder (or an existing sub-folder) and select New Folder from the menu.  Give it a name.  Hit Enter.



            Nancy O.

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              Rob_ge Level 1

              Thanks for the response Nancy. I've used scripts in Indesign before and not had any issues but I can't get a script to run in Dreamweaver.


              I can do the following and it works in Indesign.:

              #target indesign

                alert ("Script Worked");


              When I change the target to Dreamweaver, I get the message "You are about to run a script in Adobe Dreamweaver....... Do you want to run the script?" I click yes and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

              #target dreamweaver

                alert ("Script Worked");

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                ID is a print program.  DW is a web authoring program.

                I would need to better understand what you're trying to do.

                Can you show us the entire HTML code?



                Nancy O.

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                  Rob_ge Level 1

                  I'm exporting an svg schematic drawing (8000 lines of code) from Illustrator and placing that code into HTML. Illustrator allows me to create hyperlinks but it will not allow me to add javascript so what I want to do is place the onclick function in the href like this.


                  <a xlink:href="#onclick="myFunction('myPart')"" >


                  Then I will place the svg in HTML and write a .jsx that looks for <g id=" and grabs it and everything that follows until >. Then I will take that code, extract the onclick="myFunction('myPart')" and put it where it belongs to end up with a final link of <a xlink:href="#" onclick="myFunction('myPart')" >.

                  If  that's even possible....