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    Lightroom keeps freezing and wont open. Says, "Catalogs cannot be opened on network volumes."


      I just recently bought Lightroom 6 off of Amazon. I installed it on my computer at work. For at least a week it worked fine. No Flaws. I installed some presets and still worked just fine. After about a week, it started having issues. Every time I open lightroom now it just freezes. Sometimes I get a message that says, "Lightroom cannot create a catalog named "Lightroom Catalog" on network volume "\       \bssd-staff-fs01\userdata\" - Lightroom Catalogs can not be opened on network volumes, removable storage, or read only volumes." When I read that I created a new catalog on my desktop and when I tried to open it it froze on the open screen again. I have tried uninstalling and starting over and it opens fine the first time and then goes back to freezing. I need help!