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    Different mouse clicks & speed up mouse movements?


      Does Adobe Captivate recognise different mouse clicks better to say if it can record on RMB LMB and MMB clicks different effects? For example I wish to record Software Simulation project were on different mouse clicks (RMB, LMB, MMB) would have custom effects like "OrangeRing" for RMB " "GreenRing" for LMB etc?

      One more question plz: I found Published movie mouse movements are very slow can I make it move more fast without editing every slide separatelly?

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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello Tony,

          Whilst Captivate does recognize different mouse clicks (in so much as the application will capture a right-click menu) you cannot specify what type of mouse effect the application will use when you capture.

          What you can do is change the mouse click effect post capture. To do this and with a just captured project open carry out these steps:

          1. Select the slide that has a mouse pointer where you would like need to show a right-click action.
          2. Choose Slide > Mouse > Properties...
          3. In the Mouse Properties dialog make sure that the option "show mouse click" is selected and then show either the color or the custom effect you would like to use to represent the right-click operation.

          Naturally, at the very start of your movie/project you would need to inform the learner that each time they see the one of the effect you want them to right-click. You could also include some audio as well which would be important if you need to adhere to accessibility standards.

          In regard to your second question, in most cases you will find that you get the best result if you adjust the mouse timing using the Timeline.

          That said if you own a copy of Adobe Captivate 2 you can change the mouse Display and Appear After settings globally via the Mouse Properties dialog. Personally, for mouse movement I would not recommend this. Anyway here are the steps to carry that out.

          1. Select any slide that has a mouse pointer present.
          2. Choose Slide > Mouse > Properties...
          3. Click the Timing tab
          4. Change the Display time and Appear After values
          5. Click the Settings button
          6. Choose the appropriate options from both Which properties and which slide categories
          7. Click OK.

          Note : You can also show the Mouse properties dialog by left clicking on mouse icon on any of the slides in the Filmstrip

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            anton_hood Level 1
            Hello Mark,

            Thanks for the fast answer. I tested all that what you wrote and with the first question everything is clear just left to create few more animated flash clicks and use them for the specifc button.

            With second not so clear what that does and when actually :). Well, I tried to do it and there is no smooth effect with that so I leave it like it is by default and better I think to check some media player which can play flash movies with speed control...


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              macrofireball Level 3
              Hello Ton,

              One thing that you might also like to try then is to use a "Straight Pointer Path" again you will find this option via the Mouse Properties dialog box. Failing that if you could send me a copy of your project file I would be happy to take a look and help you obtain the effect you are looking for.

              You can send your sample to the following address