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    In Lightroom, Is There a Way to Compare Photos in DNG Designated Folders to Photos Placed in Designated JPEG Folders to Ensure At Least One Form of the Photo Exists?

    meltdownman Level 1



      I finally got my act together and started using the database in Lightroom.


      I have gathered up my collection of photos from various portable hard drives and imported photos and updated my LR catalog.

      I created one Master Catalog.

      For my purposes, I have set up the TOP folder structure within the LR Master catalog with various LOCATIONS folders for places that I have traveled.

      Within each the TOP LOCATIONS folder I have 2 subfolders for the given location:  1) DNG and 2) JPEG folder to keep them separate to see if the two sets of photos match when I was importing them into the Master Catalog.


      Problem Statement:


      Some of the DNG Photos do not have a corresponding JPEG photo




      Is there a way to compare the photos in the DNG folder with those of the JPEG folder to see what photos are matched before I begin deleting photos from both folders of unwanted photos?  I obviously want to maintain at least one copy of the photos I wish to keep be it a DNG or JPEG. 


      NOTE: I don't know programming so I wouldn't know how to write a script to do this and was hoping there was an easier way to do this using LR.


      Thank you in advance,


      The Meltdownman