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      Last time I closed Outlook, it asked me if I wanted to back up. I was in a hurry, so I said, "Skip this time." Then I turned the computer off.


      Just now, I turned the computer on. When I opened Lightroom, it asked me which country I was in. Then it popped open with near-miraculous speed.


      It was so fast because there were no pictures to worry about. None. All gone. No folders, no nothing.


      When I look in "My pictures," the pictures are there. So is (what appears to be) all the Lightroom stuff.


      I went looking for another catalog, but there only appears to be one. In "My Pictures," there's a Lightroom logo that says "Catalog" underneath. I thought about switching to that catalog, But I get a message saying, "Are you sure you want to replace [something]? Bad things will happen."


      Help me! For the love of God, please help me.