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    Changing upgrade catalog name/folder

    Weezimp Level 1

      Using LR CC, when I try to open a catalog created in a previous version of LR, I get the alert that the catalog needs to be upgraded. That's always been the case. However, didn't we used to be able to modify the filename and/or destination folder for this upgraded catalog? I have folders under Pictures for LR catalogs, and I used Lightroom V4, Lightroom V5 etc for catalogs created in that version. I created a new Lightroom V6 subfolder, but I cannot tell LR CC to put the upgraded catalog there. Plus, if I could change the folder, I could use the original name since it wouldn't collide. Instead I'm forced to accept a "-2" filename appendage. I don't like this. If I want to do what I used to do, I have to manually move/copy catalogs around and rename them. I was hoping we'd get the ability to specify the name & folder of upgraded catalogs with the 2015.1 update.