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    WMV Data Rates

      We are trying to distribute wmv files via DVD-rom, to be played through a director projector, ie. with our own custom interface. I am worried about data-rates and what this means for end users. I presume as director will link to the external files it will 'stream' them off the DVD-rom on which they sit. As such is it fine to assume that if the end user's machine is capable of viewing commercial dvds that play at somewhere around 5Mbps that they will be able to view our files at just over 3Mbps?

      Any lower and the quality becomes unacceptable and in order to make these files we're going to be rendering on two $10,000 machines for a month - hence don't want to mess up! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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          The average for DVD is about 4.5 Mbps, which is including the audio and
          video portions of the stream. I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be
          fine around 3 Mbps. I would probably just burn some of your WMV's to
          standard DVD video files and then test them in various target machines. If
          they play acceptably, you should be good to go.

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