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    ebook will not open on kobo


      I'm hoping someone here can help as my frustration level is at an all time high. Since June 26 I haven't been able to open any ebook. I have gone through all the suggestions from here (I believe) to no avail. Since June 26 I have spent approx. 2-3 hours/ day trying to resolve this. I have read 29 books with no problems what so ever. Friday the 26 I go in to get the next book that is waiting for me and everything goes as should until I touch the Kobo screen to open it and get the OOPS message. I have even tried it with a book that I have read previously on this reader and samething, everything goes fine until I touch it to open and OOPS........

      I have made sure Kobo and ADE as same ID and passwords, have un/re authorized, I am using the latest version of ADE and Kobo. I have removed everything from the ereader so only the 1 book that I am trying to open is on it. I have then removed it and gone back to the source ( public Library) and started the process again.... same result.

      Does the Kobo only have a life span of a year or 29 books, I think not. Just going out and buying another isn't really a financial option for me. The book that I download will open on my computer which is a desktop which would limit my reading as it really isn't that comfortable to sit at a desk when you want to read and certainly doesn't offer "read on the go". I don't see this as a "library" issue. And of course the books are sitting timing out and the ones waiting I had on request since March so this has really been a frustrating experience and I see no resolve. Please help.