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    PPro CC 2015 w/ CEP6/CSXS6 breaks plugin I'm building : ERROR Signature verification failed for extension




      I've been building a plugin in Premiere Pro, up until now using CEP5/CSXS5, using [ Samples/PProPanel at master · Adobe-CEP/Samples · GitHub ] as an example.


      Upon updating to the latest version of PPro today, it has started using CEP6/CSXS6 by default.


      I updated the ExecutionEnvironment of my manifest.xml to use Premiere version [9.0,9.9], and setting CSXS 6.0 as the RequiredRuntime. (See image below)

      Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.22.36 AM.png

      While the plugin appears under Window > Extensions, clicking it generates the error :


      ERROR Signature verification failed for extension com.myplugin.PProPanel

      in ~/Library/Logs/CSXS/csxs6-PPRO.log


      After that didn't work I tried both CEP_HTML_Test_Extension (listed as being CEP6 compatible) and then updating the PProPanel example to CEP6 using [ CEP 6 HTML Extension Cookbook for CC 2015 ] as a guide.


      Got the same error in both cases.


      Can anyone point to where I'm going wrong here? Is this a manifest.xml issue? a CEP6 issue? a PPro issue?


      Any advice on getting plugins to load in CEP6 would be greatly appreciated!!!


      Thank you,