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    Lightroom won't apply changes to all my pictures until the preview icon is visible within the current window in grid view

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      I have about 4000 pictures taken with my GoPro that I'd like to use for a time-lapse video.

      I decided to correct the colors first so I imported them all into LightRoom. I made changes to the first image, selected all the images (ctrl+a) and hit the sync button.


      Now, the strange thing is that changes I made to the first image will only apply to the rest of the images if I am viewing the thumbnail in Library View in Grid mode.

      For instance, I'll scroll to a random section of the grid of images and all the preview pictures show the original image. After a few seconds, the previews will all update with the changes made to the first image.


      Even tried exporting as video from Slideshow tab to see if the changes were made to all the pictures but not just reflecting in the icons - no dice. Any input would be much appreciated!