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    Bluray ISO files with Premier Elements 13


      I am having problems creating Bluray ISO files.  When I select this option (through Publish+Share) the burn completes successfully (ie no errors so I click on 'Done').  The resulting file however cannot be viewed, accessed and if I burn it to Bluraay DVD the DVD doesn't play.  I have tried  repaeting with a small 2 min clip and the ISO file is ok.  However with my main project (which results in a 18GB image file) I can't access the ISO file.  I have Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 15 installed along with Cyberlink Power2Go 10 and neither will open the ISO file and say it is corrupt.  I dont think it is the Cyberlink software as this works ok with a small clip.  I have managed to burn the movie successfully to Bluray DVD even though the burn process appear to 'stick' at 1% progress for about an hour!  However I want to create a ISO file so that I can produce multiple copies of by DVD.


      Any ideas??

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          What computer operating system is involved?


          Nonetheless, Premiere Elements 13/13.1 has serious known issues with the choice of  ISO Image.


          If the file size of the .iso file produced is greater than about 1 GB, the disc containing that .iso image is not recognized by the player. Please see the following for full details.



          And, if you cannot find the .iso image at the designated hard drive location, please look at the burn to ISO Image choice with and without the preference related to Intel HD Graphics 2000 and Greater disabled.


          Please review, consider, and then we can discuss this further.


          Thank you.



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            I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit.  I can create DVD ISO files but have problems with Bluray ISO files.  My current project involves creating a Wedding DVD for my niece.  It is around 1hr 40min in length.  Long but no longer than a typical film.  I can create this as a DVD ISO which takes up a little over 4GB but obviously to do this the resolution is greatly compromised (the source footage is from a HD Camcorder).  If I create a Bluray ISO file the size becomes 18GB which will easily fit on a 25GB Bluray disk..  Premier Elements 13 will successfully create a 18GB Bluray ISO BUT I can't play it or mount it to a virtual drive.  I either get 'no media present' or file corrupt messages.  If there is indeed a file limit I find this absolutely ridiculous!  I only purchased Premier Elements 13 BECAUSE of the Bluray features.  I have purchased several blank Bluray discs to and have invested in a portable external Bluray writer in order to take advantage of my HD footage and if I can only burn movies of 1GB onto a 25GB Bluray that quite frankly is ridiculous.  Adobe really need to sort this out as I feel I have been misled into buying software that isn't fit for my needs.


            The reason I want to burn to ISO rather than directly to disk is that the first couple of times I tried the latter the program fell over at the last hurdle and I had to start again.  As it takes over an hour each time to encode a movie I really need the ISO option so that once its done I can then burn as many copies as I want.

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              Again, there is a known serious problem with Premiere Elements 13/13.1 AVCHD and Blu-ray .iso files (file size greater than 1 GB) produced from the program's Publish+Share/Disc/Blu-ray with burn to ISO Image 25 GB or ISO Image 50 GB. When that  resulting .iso file (file size greater than 1 GB) is taken to disc, the disc is not recognized by the player.

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 13: ISO Image File Size Issue


              I am not affiliated with Adobe in anyway and have no insider information about Adobe. The frequency of the Adobe presence in this forum is undefined. But, in one of the appearances of PRE_help (Adobe Engineering Team) in a recent thread, PRE_help left me with the impression that Adobe is aware of this problem. In that particular thread, in view of the known .iso file problem, I was questioning the rationale behind Adobe making an .iso image file the backup for burn to failures.


              If you are interested, there is an Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Form.

              Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


              Premiere Elements 13 already has a 13.1 Update at this time. A new version will probably be released in September October 2015. Based on that and what I have written, I have no idea when and if this AVCHD and Blu-ray ISO Image matter will be resolved.




              Add On...Are you with 30 days of purchase of the product? And, we would be glad for the opportunity to work with you to get the Blu-ray burn to disc working if you want to revisit that.

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                I ordered Elements 13 at start of June (June 2nd I seem to recall) so just outside the 30 days unfortunately (was away on holiday in June and only just started to seriously look at the software in the past week).  I have spent hours and hours already putting my project together, editing clips , menus etc and just when I want to create DVDs I come across a serious flaw with the software! If this is a known issue then I'm annoyed that Adobe can get away with continuing to sell the product when it does not do what they say it should.  This is not a minor bug but a major flaw in the software!  I'm aware you are not an Adobe employee so please excuse me for going on a rant about this. I have used the link you supplied to log my problem but am not holding my breath.

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                  Did you purchase from Adobe as an online download? If you did and the problem cannot be resolved, please try to contact Adobe Orders to present your case.

                  Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order


                  If you did not purchase from Adobe as download, then you would be governed in this matter according to the return/refund policy of the seller.


                  Also, if you have the player support, look at the Publish+Share/Disc/AVCHD burn to disc. The AVCHD DVD needs a Blu-ray player that supports AVCHD DVD or one of the multi media players that supports AVCHD DVD. You should get excellent quality at 1920 x 1080.


                  Best wishes



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                    Hi ATR.  I purchased PSE13 from Amazon not from Adobe directly.  I haven't looked at the AVCHD option.  However as I want to create multiple copies of a Wedding video for distribution to family & friends I can't really take the chance that they have Bluray players that will play AVCHD DVDs.  I have tried burning to Bluray directly rather than create an ISO file first but this is a very hit and miss affair.  Sometimes it works - often it doesn't.  Sometimes it says 'burn complete' (no errors shown) but the resulting DVD just wont play.  Other times the program falls over near the end (can't remember all the different error messages) and I have to start all over again.  As my DVD is around 18GB in size and takes 1hr 40 to create I can't afford to keep losing hours and hours on something I now have little confidence in.  I can create ordinary DVDs but I need Bluray quality - that's why I bought PSE13.  Thanks for all your advice though - it is much appreciated.  I just don't understand why 'product support' has to be handled by a community forum - what happened to good old fashioned technical support by the company that actually sells the product!

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                      Do not give up. We will find a user to user way.


                      1. If you have not already, go to Edit Menu/Preferences/General and assure that there is no check mark next to the preference "Use Hardware Acceleration (works on Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher)" If you have been working with this preference off, the try the workflow with it on.


                      2. Forget about the Blu-ray ISO Image 25 GB or 50 GB, it is not going to work. For Blu-ray, focus on getting one good burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc.

                      Then you can take the BDMV from this disc, and make copies using the ImgBurn program. When you are doing the Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray, do not have a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space" unless the Space Required is over 23 GB.


                      3. You can take your Timeline to



                      AVCHD and use the burn to disc (DVD) or burn to folder. Either way you can get a BDMV Folder to take to DVD disc and make multiple copies with ImgBurn.

                      Forget about AVCHD ISO Image 25 GB or 50 GB.


                      I am not sure where you are going with

                      I can create ordinary DVDs but I need Bluray quality - that's why I bought PSE13.

                      You mean Premiere Elements 13 (sometimes PE13) and not Photoshop Elements 13 (sometimes PSE13). I am sure that is what you meant. Just want to make sure. Any way, I think that you will find that the Premiere Elements  Blu-ray or AVCHD end product will give you excellent quality. As I said, both will require a Blu-ray player with the appropriate support. Many Blu-ray players support AVCHD DVD.


                      If any of the above sounds of interest, I can go into more detail.



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                        Hi.  Yes I did mean PE13 (not PSE13!) - sorry , typo!  The Intel Graphics check box is currently unchecked.  It was checked originally by default when I first had the problem and then , having read the community posts, I unchecked it to see if it made any difference - it didn't.  I am therefore going to leave it unchecked for the time being and select the AVCHD burn to folder as you suggest.  You didn't mention which size to select (there are two) so I picked the larger one (8.5GB).  I then get a 'not enough space' error so I checked the box that said 'fit to available space'.  This has now started burning so (in about hour or so) I will see what has happened! Thanks for your ongoing advice!


                        By the way I tried Googling ImgBurn (dont have it installed) and came across several websites that offer it as a free download incl 'www.imgburn.com'  However I cant download any of these as Norton says the file is not safe!  I will see if I can burn this folder once created using Cyberlink software

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                          Good choice on the burn to Folder (8.5 GB) for the AVCHD DVD. In the exports, stay with the 1920 x 1080 instead of 1440 x 1080 HD anamorphic 16:9 since the latter depends on a 16:9 flag to stretch the 1440 x 1080 to 1920 x 1080 for display after encoding. Best to avoid the player dependency for recognizing a 16:9 flag.


                          What did you select as the preset?


                          Looking forward to your results. It should be quick and easy to get the BDMV Folder from the saved folder to DVD disc in ImgBurn. We might even try to get the BDMV Folder from the saved folder to a Blu-ray disc in ImgBurn and then determine if it will play back on your Blu-ray player. But, if AVCHD DVD works for you, the DVD disc would be less expensive than the Blu-ray disc.


                          Details to come.



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                            Had to leave it running overnight because it was taking a long time and I needed sleep!  Woke up this morning to find the burn had aborted at 1% (it was at the 'Burn in progress' stage.    All it said was 'fatal error' - not very helpful at all!  I realise that all software contains bugs but this is so maddening.  I have wasted days on this and I am trying to produce a Wedding video for my niece so you can understand I want it sorted out.  I am very tempted to chuck it all in but I have spent so much time on this I can't afford to start my project all over again - plus it was quite expensive to buy and I dont see why I should just throw that money away. Why dont Adobe respond to customers directly.


                            UPDATE:  Just tried Burning directly to Bluray.  Got right the way through the encoding phase . Started on the Burn to disc phase.  Got error saying 'Please insert blank disc and click ok..."  There is a blank disc in the drive!  tried another blank disc straight out the packet.  Again the software tells me to insert a blank disc and click ok.  Basically I am coming to the conclusion that the software is simply not fit for purpose.  I may try Windows Movie Maker instead and if that works see if  I can get a refund as the software is simply flawed!!

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                              Sorry for the setback. To recap...last attempt was Publish+Share/Disc/Blu-ray disc.Did you use a BD-R or BD-RE disc 25 GB, what brand?


                              What happened with the Publish+Share/Disc/AVCHD burn to folder (Folder 8.5 GB)? Was that the overnight one that got as far as burn 1%.

                              This is important if this works, so I want to make sure if you have done this AVCHD burn to folder Folder (8.5 GB).


                              What happens if you export your Timeline to a AVCHD.mp4 file saved to the computer hard drive? Does that go to a successful completion?




                              with Presets = MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p30

                              If this runs into problems also, more to consider.


                              Can you confirm that your present burner will burn outside of Premiere Elements when you are using discs from the same batch as you have been?



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                                Hi ATR.  I am using BD-RE 25Gb discs by Verbatim.  Not had any trouble with these before.  Yes prior to the last Burn to Bluray attempt (with the disc not blank issue  my Burn to AVCHD foldertest  which was left running overnight used the 8,5gb option. Can't remember the preset - it was the default one I think which was the 1920 x 1080i option .   I can try the Mp4 preset to see what happens but the turnaround is quite long (nearly two hours!) so all this testing takes time and there aren't enough hours in the day!!!  If I need to burn discs outside PE13 I can use th Cyberlink Power2Go software (it came bundled with Cyberlink PowerDVD15 Ultra).  Only recently acquired this so not over familiar with it but it seems ok

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                                  If you can get the Cyberlink Power 2 Go software to work for you that would be a good workaround as well as Premiere Elements troubleshooting tool.

                                  But, be on guard with software that comes bundled with a burner. Often there is option for data disc and not burn to AVCHD on DVD disc or Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc. Of course, unless you purchase updates to the free bundled in software. Did you get a Blu-ray Disc Suite with the Blu-ray burner. If so, also look at the Power Producer for more options.


                                  Let us see what happens with the export to that AVCHD.mp4 file. If that does not work, then we can zero in on the Timeline content.

                                  Also, important is finding out if the burner will burn anything to those discs with any software. But, we must plan strategy on that so that we do not have an expensive troubleshooting related to piling up used write once only Blu-ray discs.



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                                    jimg1611 Level 1

                                    Have kicked off (at just before 7pm GMT) burn to MP4 exactly with the settings as you suggested.  Dialogue box estimates it will takes 4 hours to complete!!  Will be back later!


                                    UPDATE: 'Saving video' process has stalled after three and half hours progress.  Two files have appeared in my save folder:  an aac file and a m4v file.  The latter is just over 24GB in size ! (the bluray iso file was about 16GB although couldnt be used).  The save process is now stuck at 98% completion with 8 secs left to complete.  Has not moved for the past 40 minutes! Think I can safely assume it is not going to complete. Going to bed!!