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    How do I externally control which frame a button directs the movie to?

    srelberger Level 1
      I have a website I am building for a client where the client wants to be able to decide what page the "home" button goes to on his whim. So, what I want to figure out what I would need to enter as an expression or other type of code for a "on release gotoandstop" which would read a line of txt (a number code) from a txt file that my client can change as he feels fit without having to republish the website everytime he changes the number in the txt file. I've tried this using an external .as file, but everytime it is changed I need to republish. So, I am hoping there is a way using an external txt file to do this without having to republish. So, if this makes sense to you have you have any suggestions/hints/tips/tricks or even the solution to my problem please let me know. Thanks for the help in advance!