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    Animating Symbols on the Main Stage

    chunter22 Level 1

      I have a set of symbols. Each symbol has a rollover animation applied to it.


      Now I want to be able to animate all of these symbols to enter the main stage. This animation plays fine when I hit the play button within the program, but when I go to preview it in the browser, it won't play. I don't have a stop stop trigger or anything at the beginning of the main animation, so doesn't make sense that it would not play. I do notice there is a reference to the symbol timelines on the main stage. (the grayed back chevron arrows). My individual symbols do have a stop trigger at the beginning of each. Only thing I can guess is that the symbols' stop trigger is keeping the main animation from playing. I'm probably missing something simple here but I thought the symbol animations only controlled the symbol and didn't effect the main stage animations.