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    RH 2015 Crashes

    writer0101 Level 1

      I am running Tech Comm Suite 2015 but currently only using RoboHelp, which is why I am posting in this forum. I have a 64-bit OS running Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. I have 138 GB of free space on my hard drive and 8 GB of RAM.

      When  I am editing the style sheet in Code Editor and have a few topics open so I can see the results of my changes, without warning, RH closes. This has happened repeatedly. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from occurring?

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          writer0101 Level 1

          RH has now crashed again. This time I was editing the HTML code. No style sheet was open. Part of an error message appeared stating, "A required resource..." but the rest of the message was obscured by a gray bar, although the OK button was accessible. Is anyone else having similar issues?

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            writer0101 Level 1

            RH has crashed again when I was editing the HTML code. This time I had the style sheet open in Notepad++ because I was hoping that would help. There was no error message. RH just closed.

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              surbhi_maheshwari Adobe Employee


              Can you please create and share the dump file (from Task Manager)for RH and send it to me at sumahesh@adobe.com

              It should not happen because of editing the css or anything in editor.

              Also please send me the snapshot of when RH crashes.


              Surbhi Maheshwari

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                writer0101 Level 1

                I've shared several dump files and Word files with screen shots. Has there been any progress in analyzing these files and determining why RoboHelp keeps crashing?

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                  CarolW Level 1

                  I'm also experiencing a lot of crashes with increasing frequency, particularly when editing links, variables, and glossary items in snippets.

                  I'm on Windows 8.1

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                    At the suggestion of Surbhi in Tech Support, I deleted the *.cpd file and I uninstalled and reinstalled RH twice. I have Tech Comm Suite 2015. When I went to uninstall the first time, I noticed that, for some reason, RoboHelp 11 was installed as well. I uninstalled that, too. Note, however, that after I reinstalled the second time, I had to get my *.cpd file out of the recycle bin because none of my HTML files or style sheets appeared in my file list in the left pane in RH.

                    Since the second reinstall, RoboHelp has only crashed twice a day, which is some improvement. Because I have finally delivered my project after many, many extra hours of work because of these crashes, I am onto another project for now and have not had to wrestle with RH for the past two days.



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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Questions here.


                      Where are your projects? Local C drive or are they on a Network Drive? If on a Network Drive, try moving them to the C drive and see if things improve.


                      Secondly, do either of you see a few red squares in your topics when you are making edits? I've seen projects that crash and burn because they are full of WebHelp output files. The red squares in the topics are pretty much a dead giveaway this is the case.


                      Cheers... Rick

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                        karinw10846110 Level 1



                        Nice try but my files are all on my hard drive and I don't have any red squares. RH crashes when I work in the code, when I work in Design view, when I work in the style sheet within RH's code editor or in Notepad++. It crashes when I have 10 or more topics open and when I only have 1 or 2. It sometimes freezes my whole system before it finally gives up the ghost and sometimes it just closes with no warning. I regret I cannot make all of this rhyme but I bet you that Dr. Seuss could have.



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                          Although this isn't very helpful, I've been a RoboHelp user for many years and every version I've ever worked on crashes after a few minutes of working in the HTML.  I have no solutions, but can only offer the fact that this has been a RoboHelp bug for a long, long time.

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                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                            Let me guess either or both of your font is set to something other than Courier and the size to something other than 100%. Change to those and let us know if that fixes the problem. I think there is one other font that will work, Lucida maybe?


                            See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring information




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                              writer0101 Level 1

                              In the Design View, the font appears to be Courier. I don't know how to find out whether it could be Courier New but I don't see a way to change it so I doubt that I changed it at some point and I don't know why I would do that. I did have the view set to 110%. Are you saying that RH crashes if I use the zoom feature that it offers? That seems rather odd to me.

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                                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                                You change the font in the same way as in the Design Editor. It only

                                crashes if you use a different font or use the zoom feature in HTML View.


                                In this case the chances are if you reset the zoom in HTML View to 100% the

                                problem will go away. Zoom in Design View can be whatever you want.

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                                  writer0101 Level 1

                                  Sorry, I did mean that I had zoomed to 110% in HTML View and, no , I have never changed the font in HTML View. I am seriously curious as to why zooming (or even changing the font) causes RH to crash.

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                                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                                    Only the developer who fixes the bug can tell you that.


                                    I don't know why those two factors cause a crash , only that they do.

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                                      writer0101 Level 1

                                      Thank you, Peter, for letting me know about these "features."