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    pdf created by Presenter on mobile? [Android]




      I have received a large (1 GB) pdf file that was created by Presenter 7 in 2012.  It has several embedded videos, and 200+ slides. The file opens on the current Windows version of Acrobat Reader.


      On Mobile Reader version on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S it just shows a single blank page.


      Is this expected behavior?  Is there anything that I can try, or am I stuck on Windows with this file?

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          vmarda Adobe Employee



          Acrobat Android currently doesn't support playback of embedded videos in PDF. But I am not entirely sure why the pages containing slides aren't being rendered. Could you share the PDF with us so that we can investigate the issue? Since the file it too large to send via email, could you upload it somewhere and email the link to us at mehkhan@adobe.com?



          Acrobat DC Mobile Team