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    Announcement: CC 2015 is now compatible with Adobe Add-ons

    K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

      Dear Adobe Add-ons users


      Since the launch of Creative Cloud 2015 last month, some Add-ons users have experienced compatibility and installation problems. As a consequence, many Adobe Add-ons users were unable to install their acquired add-ons successfully via the Creative Cloud Desktop App.


      We have been working in the background to release an update to the Creative Cloud Desktop App which will rectify the previous installation problems, and this new version has being rolled out today.


      Note to Adobe Creative Cloud users: Please sign out and quit the Creative Cloud Desktop application. When you relaunch it and sign-in, you will be prompted to update your version. Please accept the request which will update the Creative Cloud Desktop app to version You can verify your version by clicking ‘Settings>Preferences’. (Please see the screenshots below).

      If not prompted, you can download the latest version from: http://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

      Please then log on to My Add-ons, and click 'Remove' then 'Install' to trigger a fresh installation of any add-ons you had acquired prior to this update.

      We would like to apologize for the inconveniences caused to our Creative Cloud and Add-ons users during this period of transition to Creative Cloud 2015.


      Kind regards,

      Adobe Exchange/Add-ons team

      Settings button 2.png  Preferences 2.png    Version 2.png