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    Workflow advice for adjusting/cropping/exporting photos that have already been worked on?

    southwestform Level 1

      I need to go through around 20,000 photos, pick and flag somewhere around 100-150 photos, make adjustments, crop them all at 16x9 for display on a large TV and export them as .jpg. Many of the photos I will select will have already been adjusted/cropped for other formats, sizes and for print.


      Before I start this process I was hoping for some insight, or some possible workflow advice that I am not aware of that might make this easier now and in the future if I need to re-export some of these photos for print instead of TV. I have never used collections before, and do not understand them, is this something that might be useful for what I am doing? What if anything can I do to make this easier?


      Any advice will be appreciated.


      Thank you.