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    Character Animator keyframes?


      Is there any way to import the animation done in Character Animator into AE with keyframes in order to modify any parameters in AE?

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          Not at this time. We're considering various methods of integration with AE. Currently it's just PNG sequence & WAV export, then import into AE.



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            Casey Sattler Level 1

            So as a professional Animator, using After Effects since it's inception (CoSa After Effects) -- creating character rigs seems cumbersome in AE -- having to use expressions of IK, etc.  But here's my list of some things that I'm curious about Character Animator and would love to see. Granted some of these may be there, but I can't seem to find any tutorials or forums about it, and I've only briefly played with the program....


            PLEASE DEVELOP:

            Native setup support between CA and AE (like from Premiere and AE) -- consider it a rigging room

            IK support

            Keyframe animation

            3d support


            I get the appeal of "real time" manipulation -- but it's limiting. Not all characters are head on full body shots that want to talk. Also you want to be able to refine these animations with keyframes. Animation, GOOD animation, is about about a refined performance, about secondary animations.  It's good to keep this technology, but your base of real animators would love it to be integrated much better with After effects, like all of your other programs are.

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, better AE support is a priority, and we should to have more to say on that soon - stay tuned.


              I don't know if you saw this or not, but currently you can further refine animations in CH by performing multiple takes and blending them into each other. I use this all the time to get more precise timing and details, particularly coupled with the slow-motion recording feature.


              But overall - yes, we hear you. We are still in the early stages and there's a lot more cool stuff on the way, and everything you've listed is a possibility for the future!

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                fastyria Level 1

                A bit of a similar question as ignacior and Casey but slightly different.


                I was planning to make a simple puppet and animate it in CA.
                And use the keyframes per group to latch onto an Element 3D based character in AE to make the 2D animation 3D
                Even if it was just the mouth animation it would help me a great deal.


                Is there a work around with the excisting version of CA or do I have to be patient for future features that enable me to do this?


                Best regards

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                  CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

                  If you just want lip-sync mouths, you can animate them in Ch (either live or from an existing audio file), export to sequence of PNG (which preserves transparency as an alpha channel), import to AE, and then make the layer 3D and either make it a child of another 3D layer, or use 2D motion-tracking to place the mouth in the right place.

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                    Nice! I could see building up a nice flexible, procedural, workflow using that method.


                    If parts of the PNG sequence need refinement, you can always go over the top w/ traditional animation or whatever.