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    Convert ad with Swiffy but text is blurry


      Hi all,

      Im hoping i can get some help here with an issue that kind of fell on my lap recently and im a flash noob so i dont know my way around too well. Please excuse my lack of knowledge.

      I have an existing .fla animation for an ad that im modifying slightly so that i can run it through the Google Swiffy Extension.  The flash animation converts fine, but the texts/vector graphics (i think) in the html5 version is kind of fuzzy/blurry.


      Does anyone know how to fix this? I've been banging my head on this for 3 days straight and cant figure it out.  thanks so much


      edit: forgot to mention that i am using Flash Pro, but the .fla was created on CC



      Sample screenshot of what i mean. The right is flash output, the left is after swiffy conversion7-7-2015 11-51-09 AM.png