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    Issues with script pathways


      Hi all!


      I should start by saying I have very little knowledge of scripting. I found a script from the interwebs that is meant to batch process images in photomerge. I was able to launch the script which references a second script in the Adobe's stock Stack Scripts Only folder (Photomerge.jsx). The error occurs on line 44 when it says the File or folder does not exist. Here is the code:


      41 var g_StackScriptFolderPath = app.path + "/"+ localize("$$$/ScriptingSupport/InstalledScripts=Presets/Scripts") + "/"

      42                                        + localize("$$$/private/Exposuremerge/StackScriptOnly=Stack Scripts Only/");


      44 $.evalFile(g_StackScriptFolderPath + "LatteUI.jsx");


      46 $.evalFile(g_StackScriptFolderPath + "StackSupport.jsx");


      48 $.evalFile(g_StackScriptFolderPath + "CreateImageStack.jsx");


      50 $.evalFile(g_StackScriptFolderPath + "Geometry.jsx");


      52 $.evalFile(g_StackScriptFolderPath + "PolyClip.jsx");


      So I feel like I should need to alter stock scripts and if I do, it will open a whole can of worms. My question is, what am I doing incorrectly?

      Here is the blog where I found the code for batch photomerge: Automating the Automation: Running Photomerge in batches in Adobe Photoshop | Cristi Cotovan


      Thank you for any insight!!!!